Rehma N.
I couldn't help myself when I saw this store. The store is full of all things spiritual and the prices are very reasonable. I bought a jade crystal and another one I don't remember. The staff is super friendly and added in a piece of sage with my purchase.
Janna F.
I stopped in here looking for a Christmas gift for my son. Wow! The pricing on the crystals and the selection was great. This goes for the stick incense as well. The staff was super attentive and willing to answer any questions without hovering or making you feel uncomfortable. I appreciate them adding in sage and salt to my mixture of crystals as well. These attention to details will for sure bring me back again.
Shelby D.
I love this store! the owner was so kind and helpful! He helped me pick out so many gorgeous crystals and rocks. From my experience, this store has some of the best quality for the best prices. If I could've, I would've come home with everything!
Charanjit S.
love the store, great selection of crystals, handicrafts, great customer service, very reasonable prices, everything very very beautiful. vast selection of oils and incense
Bella I.
Such a wide selection of things! Binny was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He gave me a lot of great information! I'm so happy with my purchases today and will be coming back
Kelly G.
Great store! Lots of fun stuff and super nice owners. Great prices on crystals and many other treasures.
Avneet S.
Really good quality and great pricing on crystals and Incense. Amazing to see a huge selection of crystals in raw, tumbles, spheres, towers, pyramids, Orgonites ... Wow... I bought the crystals and Singing bowl....